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Adriana is of Russian/Ukranian origin; she graduated from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Architecture – a background apparent in the boldly structured aesthetic of her fashion collections, as well as her skilful use of luxury materials. Having worked for Michael Kors, she soon moved on to designing her own label with the first AV collection launched in 2013.

Late 2013, Adriana was joined by her close friend and now business partner, Elena Todary, who has extensive experience in wholesale, having worked with a number of upcoming contemporary European brands catering for Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Asian markets.

AV woman is feminine and expressive, with an accent on individuality and independence. Her look is timeless – yet never the same; playful – yet grown-up, understated – yet defined. She wears clothing that effortlessly take her through the day and beyond. She is not afraid of colour.

Exclusive fabrics are thoroughly styled into contemporary, distinctive designs with a great deal of exquisite detail. AV woman has an assured appreciation of clean architectural lines and impeccable beautiful silhouettes, as well as the art of fusing form, function and versatility when choosing her outfit.